Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Evidence of Things Unseen

Is Seeing Really Believing?

A common "push-back" when spiritual topics come up is "if only you could prove there is a God, I would believe it". And by "prove it" they usually mean 'show me and I'll believe it'.

A counter-push-back might be that evidence is all around if we would only apply the same rules we use for the unseen physical world to the spiritual world.

We use our faith every day in very concrete ways just to live and breathe in this world. We look for evidence of what we cannot see and form a belief -- in fact, a certainty, based solely on the evidence, rather than being able to actually see anything solid.

The most powerful things in the world are not physically observable at all. 

Rather, we believe that many of these unseen things exist based only on the evidence that they exist. For instance, no one has ever seen gravity. Nope, it's never been seen. We know with certainty though that it does exist because it is a consistent and measurable energetic force, and we can see what it does. We see the result, not the thing itself.

No one has ever actually seen LOVE or HATE, GOOD or EVIL -- but we are indeed certain that these energetic forces exist because we see them with our inner-eyes and personally experience the evidence of these unseen facts of life.

It is just like that with finding and knowing the God of the universe(s) who made you and loves you.


If you truly want to know God better, stop screening Him out with self-talk lies like "I can't be sure, so I'm not going all in".  The truth is, you can't be sure of many things until you test them and experience the evidence personally.

We have a promise from God that He will always reveal Himself to us when we ask.

Jesus tells us... “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?”  (Luke 11:13)

If you struggle with doubt about God, or feel like you can never be sure that He loves you, consider this: You can't be sure He doesn't exist and that He doesn't love you. So, given that either position is a faith-based belief, why not just ask God to reveal Himself to you and be open to the evidence?

But don't go looking for proof of God in your circumstances alone.


He comes to you in your inner-being, where peace, love, and forgiveness reside. God is with us in all of our circumstances -- just like gravity and a parent's love exert power in our lives regardless of what's going on around us. To not believe and embrace this fact is like starving to death on a cruise ship.

So, lean in to Him. Test the waters. Then, believe the evidence. And before you know it, you will be pressing in -- because being in relationship with the One who made you is the only life that makes any sense at all.

I have a song for everything: "Give Me Faith" by Elevation Worship


  1. Sometime I say to seekers, when the wind blows across a field of wheat you cannot see the wind, but you can see the effect. Same with God and how He surrounds us with his amazing miracles of life daily. I love your blog.


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