Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Glorious Unfolding

About a year ago...

I made a shift from hoping that my faith was going to make my present life better and move me along to heaven  -- to knowing for sure that God is real and that He is good.

This mindset of "hope" served me well in my youth.

But as I have aged and experienced suffering and death more up-close-and-personal, I began to need more reassurance. I wanted to know and experience God in ways that would take me beyond mere hope and into a certainty that would enable me to live fearlessly and peacefully. I wanted more than a feeling -- because my feelings change all the time. I was after a deep knowing. I began this journey by asking God to show me what I needed to do to make this happen in my life. And then I left it in His hands.

Here is how He answered me. 

I heard a song on a Christian radio station (K-love) by Steven Curtis Chapman called "Glorious Unfolding." The lyrics of the song moved me so deeply that I immediately went to YouTube to watch the music video, downloaded the song onto all of my mobile devices, and Googled Curtis-Chapman. What I learned from that one little experience -- the message in the lyrics of that song , and the story behind the lyrics -- gave me all that I had prayed for, and so much more. 


The most important thing.


Once I got the answer, I needed to own it -- I mean get it into every fiber of my being (my conscious and unconscious mind). And so I saturated my psyche with the "message" by listening to the song over-and-over again until it became a part of me. I became very intentional about what I was putting into my mind and heart through self-hypnosis. (See posting "May I Have This Trance?")

Build your own personal message. 

I encourage you to come up with the most encouraging message imaginable for your life. A message that -- if you could know it was really, really true -- would allow you to live above your circumstances fearlessly and peacefully. (For example: I am loved by God unconditionally; I am forgiven: past, present and future; I am safe in His arms and not a slave to my circumstances, etc.).

"Ink" it in!

Write this message down, memorize Scripture that supports it, and read it every day -- and if you can, find a song that embodies that message, because music goes very deep, very quickly for many people. Then, ask our creative, loving God to give you certainty that the message (His promise) is true beyond a shadow of a doubt.  But don't stop there. When He answers, as He surely will -- ink it into your being so that it's yours forever.

I have a song for everything: "Glorious Unfolding" by Steven Curtis Chapman.


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